About Zhanna.


A safe and loving space for kids and adults alike, where you learn, grow and laugh with music!

At The Kidz Universe, we truly believe in the power of music and how music can help in greater intellectual, mental and social-emotional development in children. We utilize this beautiful medium of music appropriately blended with movement and love to create a fun, family oriented learning space where all our participants (newborns up to 5 years) feel nurtured, cared for and are given the space to just BE.

Yes, we learn the fundamentals of music education, and it is so much more than that! The benefits of starting early in our program go far beyond music.

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Meet Zhanna Shpits (Founder of Kidz Universe


Zhanna is a stellar example of the “don’t wait to create” message. She inspires women to embrace their dreams. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, master communicator with expertise in NLP.  She is also a devoted mom. She didn’t wait to create The KidzUniverse with her two kids serving on her board of directors, every step of the way. Since 2003, her six figure company has helped children under 7 years of age and their families learn to love music and movement and connect, and in doing so, grow and become instruments for love, connection and peace.
 Gracing the transformational stages of luminaries including Bill Baren and Raven The TalkShow Maven and others, Zhanna’s keynotes combine inspiring personal stories and heart-touching songs to create distinct, memorable, and life-changing workshop experiences. Her aim is to illuminate the creative spark within and to shine the light on every participant’s greatness. 

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