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I can’t thank Ms. Zhanna enough for bringing the joy of music to our preschool. Our kids absolutely adore her, and they are always ready to sing and wiggle with her. Ms. Zhanna, who carries a bright smile, has her special ways of getting the kids’ full attention during the music lessons. It’s been an absolute joy being able to work with Ms. Zhanna in the past few years!

Thank you, Ms. Zhanna!
— Ms. BeaFounder and Executive Director Agape Preschools

It was very special to watch Tvisha and all the other little kids participate with such enthusiasm in all the musical activities. It was very evident that she loves her classes. Apart from building a very good foundation and knowing a lot more about music now, Tvisha has also gained more confidence and an inherent liking to music. Never met such a sweet and soft-spoken teacher earlier J. You are very good at what you do!
— — Shreya Tvisha’s mom Learn and Play Montessori (Maple)

I have the wonderful pleasure of working with Ms. Zhanna Shipts since September, 2010. She is giving Music Classes at Crossing Early Care and Learning Center, where I am the Site Director. Crossing Early Care and Learning Center is a Pre-school and Daycare that caters to children belonging to various nationalities between ages of 2 to 6 years of age.

Ms. Zhanna introduces a variety of musical concepts through playing songs, stories and musical games. Storytelling weaved in her delivery of the content has always been exciting with her clever teachable moments. I am actually amazed that children are learning to read music so easily.

She is an amazing teacher who is highly educated / credentialed in music and also incredibly patient, good humored, loving, cheerful and melodious. She has lovely singing voice that mesmerizes kids and adults alike! Ms. Zhanna’s area of expertise excels in building strong relationship with families. She has worked well with her collogues too. Her dedication, passion, and love for what she does has been an integral part of success of our preschool program.

What you see in her class is children having fun, singing, dancing, playing instruments, listening to stories, learning songs, and mastering the steady beat. But what you may not see is that behind everything Ms. Zhanna does is developmentally appropriate and musically sophisticated system of music education. Some children learn by listening, some learn by moving, some learn by watching, and Ms. Zhanna creates a place where every child is recognized for her or his unique way of learning. I think the blend of songs, stories and music theory works well for the children, particularly in the consistent focus on Rhythm.

We are happy to have Ms. Zhanna and her music program as a core curriculum of what we offer at our preschool.

Zhanna has been doing music at our preschool for 5 years and she is a tremendous asset to our program.

Zhanna has a wonderful positive and happy attitude and her upbeat manner is contagious. The children are thrilled to be in her presence, love their music time with her, learn new information about music, sounds, beats and her general love of instruments and music is infectious. Personally, my preschool age son wanted a guitar for his birthday so he could play like Zhanna.

Zhanna is a pleasure to deal with, flexible with schedule changes and always happy and eager to make things work out. We feel lucky to have Zhanna as a part of our school.
— Fruma ResnickExecutive Director Gan Chabad Preschool

Elan Preschool has been using Music with Ms.Zhanna for several years. Her ability to keep the children engaged in their activity for the time she is here is great. The children always participate when Zhanna has them in her “circle”. Many of my parents that come around the time that Ms. Zhanna is here are always talking about what a great program that is offered, and often stay because of her voice.

Zhanna has amazing musical skills and connects with each child and adult in the room. She is always well prepared and smiling when she arrives, and when she is in class with the children. Her ability to handle “challenging” students with love and care is wonderful and a great help. I have my staff sit in on Zhanna’s music class to assist if needed. Zhanna is fully in control of the class and rarely asks for intervention from one of my staff. All my staff LOVE her and her style of teaching.

I would highly recommend Zhanna for music and movement instruction.
— Laurie MathewsExecutive Director Elan Preschool

Arya just loves music and we play lots of different kinds at home. But I like that she is exposed to music concepts and I believe it has helped her want to learn to play different instruments. She has expressed interest in drums and she is pretty good with the harmonica. I hope this will be a strong foundation for her as she grows up to continue to learn and explore music. Moreover, It is so convenient that the class is offered at her school. It gives her a special activity to look forward to, especially on a Monday when she isn’t exactly thrilled to go to school. We love the relationship Arya has with you. She adores you and she is eager to learn. The open communication, newsletters and updates about how Arya is doing in class can only lead to good things for her!

Thank you for all that you do.
— Jennie Johnson Arya’s mom Learn and Play Montessori

It is the second year in a row that our then 3-year old and now 4 – year old was very determined that he wanted only Zhanna, the Music Fairy, to lead his birthday that he was sharing with his 2 older siblings – his 9 year old sister and brother, and several other friends of different ages.

Although the ages of the other kids ranged from 3-11 years, everybody including the parents and grandparents had fun that day!

The kids were happily engaged in the percussion instrument playing, singing, launching a rocketship, going skating, and what not! And all that in the comfort of our own living room! We didn’t have to travel anywhere! Imagination took us places!

Zhanna’s professionalism as an educator, her beautiful calming and heartfelt singing voice, and her genuine love for kids work miracles and remind us, the parents, that deep inside we are still these little babies capable of laughing, playing and enjoying life in its simplicity, complexity, and beauty at the same time.

I cannot find enough words to express the gratitude of my whole family for the unforgettable experience that Zhanna gifted my son and everybody in the house with for the second year in a row. Zhanna’s Musical birthdays are truly unique, one of a kind and authentic.

Thank you for bringing the joy and smiles into our lives!
— — Alina, mother of Alex (4), and twins Alisa and Alan 9 years old


It was a great music class again today in Niles (Fremont). In today’s class you did something small, but new and innovative. You played it really nicely on your guitar.

The slow-motion music in today’s class was very conducive to the kids’ movement. It matched the class’ emotional shift. And it accurately played out exactly what that kid had requested: a toned-down activity. It worked brilliantly. I could feel that Jessica observed it too. It was below the level of language, but just as clear. Actually, it was clearer than language to the kids, most of who don’t have language yet.

Little moments like this often go by in the rush, and we never get the chance to savor them. This was a really special one.

Your big fan
— Jessica’s grandfather